Go all the way to BASI Level 3

Deepen your commitment to yourself and set solid foundations for your future international teaching career. Elevate your lifestyle, make more money and have more loyal return clients.

If you’re seeking rapid professional development with stepping stones that support you to reach the top level, then this is for you.  Elevate your riding level in all the strands (Piste, Off Piste & Park) to match the PIA’s (Performance Indicators) of the BASI level 3 Exam.  

These Instructor Trainings will prepare you for your upcoming exams and refresh your knowledge from the previous levels. Your riding & teaching will become a natural process that is orchestrated from within. 

You’ll not only show up for your next BASI course feeling prepared, organised, relaxed and open to new learning… you’ll also find the exams more enjoyable. 

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All Instructor Trainings below are designed to bridge the gap between BASI 2 and 3.  I’ll share my personal tools, proven success formulas and strategies I’ve learnt over 2 decades of teaching to radically improve your riding and elevate your teaching delivery. 

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What's your end game?

It’s quite a journey to complete all modules of the BASI level 3, yet ticking the boxes won’t get you to the top of your game.  To get to the top, its about becoming part of the new generation of snowboard instructor; authentic, empowered, ready to support growth with integrity, knowledge and confidence having embodied all the necessary skills to ride everywhere, to teach anything, anywhere in the world, in any conditions, on any terrain.  It’s also about achieving a dedicated client base, your own tribe and their family, who will  loyally follow you for life and may even pay for your travel.  Wow, that’s huge right! 

3 steps to your success

So… do you want to get to the top?  Do you want to become the best?   

By now you understand that there are 3 parts to a BASI course, Tech + Teach + Theory.  Each BASI level gets more intense, more in depth, the stakes are higher, the gap between levels gets bigger.  

step 1

Educate yourself.  You can’t be a great rider or teacher without embodying the THEORY.  Read that again!  So, hit the books, invest in quality coaching learn the theory, both the Tech theory + the Teach theory, its the key to success & missing link most commonly overlooked. 

step 2

Spend practical TECH training time and invest in quality coaching; ride all the strands in all conditions, to all performance levels. Mistakes are a pathway to excellence, so make mistakes, analyse your riding with your coach, do honest self review, get loads of training with video analysis.

step 3

Get practical TEACH training delivery time and invest in quality coaching; deliver inspiring lessons Beyond the Central Theme blending the BASI teaching tools with accurate technical content, correct analysis & delivery. Make mistakes, analyse, self review, practice more. 



Crush the THEORY, learn performance analysis, crucial biomechanics, rider development, teach structure, even deliver teach sessions in a relaxed and open learning environment Delivered online with access to a private learning virtual portal.    

Elevate your foundations from the comfort of your own home, and clearly understand the required level to pass. 

ride with me


Break through the associative phase become autonomous to get you over the line, fine tune your practical tech performance and practical teach delivery. Level 3 winter, summer or autumn glacier ‘On Snow Tech & Teach Performance Training’ will illuminate the higher level riding techniques and teachings to demystify the Level 3 content and assessment criteria.  I’ll highlight your weak spots in relation to the PIA’s (Performance Indicator Analysis) and show you what to do to reach the pass level for the Assessment Criteria across all the strands (Piste, Off Piste & Park).  I’ll share my ‘eagle eye’ analysis formula and my personal riding strategies so you’re ready to take on the Tech & Teach, and we’ll break through your psychological blocks to move beyond whatever is holding you back. Finally you’ll be able to unfold the core ingredients from previous levels to awaken a new unified understanding and practical application of all the BASI principals in your riding performance.  Improve beyond what you ever expected.  



Do your BASI Level 3 Second Discipline Snowboard Adaptive Course in Tignes, France.   Timed perfectly to combine it with my On-Snow Training course prior to the official BASI Tech, Teach & Coach weeks in Tignes.     

Elevate your professional development all in one place.  


1:1 WITH Me


I believe coaching should ooze passion, be inspiring, emanate professionalism and empower each student to teach themselves.  I go the extra mile, providing clear, detailed, accurate information and I’m never afraid to be totally honest.  I do whatever it takes to hold a space for your to break through.  I sincerely want you to succeed, not only in your riding & teaching, but in your business and everyday life to. Deep to my core I’m dedicated to uphold the quality of our profession and elevate it beyond where it’s ever been before.  My passions are riding & snowboard teaching, human behaviour, health and biomechanics.  I want to share my knowledge, expertise & wisdom to pass on everything snowboarding has taught me, not only on the mountain but off hill too.  Let me help you ‘win at life’ and/or become an Elite Snowboard Coach. 

Courses delivered by RENELLE MORTIMER, BASI Snowboard Instructor Trainer/Examiner & Evaluator since 2006 + BASI Adaptive Snowboard Trainer with 23 years teaching experience. Based in Tignes, France during the European winter, Renelle frequently travels worldwide coaching & examining Instructors. Known for precision coaching, creating rapid transformation with her unique holistic approach, accurate in-depth technical knowledge and detailed, clear delivery skills, Renelle is a unique Elite World Class Snowboard Coach.

“Everyone was born to be extraordinary”

Renelle Mortimer


What people say?

Renelle is probably one of the most amazing instructors I have ever met! She is passionate, driven and joyful all in one. She has made me feel confident not only as an adaptive instructor (second discipline) but as a rider overall. The techniques and methods she uses will be stuck in my mind for as long as I teach. She is the main reason why I am switching back over to BASI to be the best Instructor I can be.
Max Alcock
Basi level 3 aspirant
I took a BASI course with Renelle in 2018 and found her teaching style and character to be utterly inspiring. I was was lucky enough to train with her in 2019 for Level 3 prep. Her passion for teaching is so unique and her ability to sense out and refine movements within my snowboarding is incredible. She has a truly special eye for snowboarding and delivers her lesson with constructive feedback, non stop fun and elevated energy.
Niamph Florence
basi level 3 aspirant