basi lVL 3 PREP

Targeted Practical Riding & teaching

A instructor training personal performance course to gain practical experience riding the BASI level 3 assessment tasks; receive targeting coaching for performance development; and practical experience teaching your peers Beyond the Central Theme.  

Expect a supportive and encouraging group environment with like minded people who all share the same passions and dreams. 

Find flair in your riding and ooze style. Deliver informative, fun teaching sessions which flow with ease.

Choose training only; or the affordable accommodation, lift pass, transfer package.


BASI will assess you in 3 areas...


Who is this course is for?

⏀  BASI Level 2 Snowboard Instructors going for level 3 Tech and/or Teach

⏀  Snowboard Instructors with teaching experience Beyond the Central Theme but need support to develop a greater use of BASI teaching principals and range of teaching tools.

⏀  Snowboard Instructors with varied riding experience but limited Trainer guidance or input.

⏀  Snowboard Instructors struggling to understand the level required within the strands.

⏀  Current BASI Level 3 Snowboard Instructors who want to refresh their knowledge and gain new insight.


What you'll learn

⏀ the content you’ll be tested on in a BASI Level 3 Exam

⏀  how to change your riding and teaching to match the BASI PIA’s (Performance Indicator Analysis)

⏀  assessment differences between BASI level 2 & 3 

⏀  how to create custom ‘Tech & Teach profile charts’ so you know what to do, when to do it, and more importantly in what order to do it in.

and; for Beyond the Central Theme, I’ll share….

⏀  my personal ‘Performance Analysis system’

⏀  my ‘teaching formulas’ I use in any situation 

You’ll know exactly when you’re ready to take on the BASI Level 3 Exam and when the right time is to book!


After this course, you'll have

⏀  a clear pathway or roadmap to your longterm goals with clarity on your next steps 

– by knowing your requirements to pass your next level.

⏀  a strong technical knowledge to know how to achieve a higher technical riding level 

– by understanding the theory behind it. 

⏀  confidence as a teacher to prepare, construct and deliver lessons ‘Beyond the Central Theme‘ – full of self assurance.

Course content

Get ready to ride & teach


• TECH performance, rider analysis & biomechanics

• TEACH delivery & rider development

15 hours / either 3 or 5 days

The BASI Lv3 ’TECH & TEACH performance course’ comes in two different formats; either a 3 or 5 day option.  The 5 day course offers 5 on-snow sessions (15hrs) plus 2 evening theory workshop sessions.  The 3 day course is an intensive course with 3 on-snow sessions (15hrs). 

Each course covers rider analysis, biomechanics, TECH & TEACH theory including valuable practical performance development training under my guidance; plus practical teach delivery experience at peer level Beyond the Central Theme relating to the BASI Level 3 Assessment Criteria.

Technical performance coaching Beyond the Central Theme for each of the relevant strands will help you to build stronger foundations by understanding the ingredients of higher level riding, the inputs relating to the outputs and their application to appropriate task & terrain.

I’ll share my ‘eagle eye rider analysis’ formula and strategy that I use to match the riders performance to the BASI Level 3 PIA’s (Performance Indicator Analysis).

Performance or rider development is the foundation of great teaching and potent, rapid learning.  To help you grasp this, I’ll reveal the most effective order of task development, key teaching points, common faults, and how to make a progression out of anything using a variety of teaching styles. 

To achieve maximum results, this course is designed for attendance after completing my online BASI Level 3 TECH & TEACH Theory Masterclass courses3




2022/23 Dates & Course details


Tech Performance, Rider Analysis & Biomechanics

DATES ON-SNOW:  27/01/23, 28/01/23 & 29/01/23

DURATION:  2 days in total delivered over 2 full days and one half day session.  

LOCATION: Tignes, France


Teach Delivery & Rider Development

DATES ON-SNOW:  20/01/23, 21/01/23 & 22/01/23

DURATION:  2 days in total delivered over 2 full days and one half day session.    

LOCATION: Tignes, France


DATES ON-SNOW:  11/12/23, 12/12/23, 13/12/23, 15/12/23 & 16/12/23

DATES EVENING WORKSHOPS:  11/12/23, 13/12/23

DURATION:  5 days delivered over 5 half days, Sunday to Friday with one day off in the middle.  

LOCATION: Tignes, France

TRAVEL PACKAGE:  Package deal available, combine and save on your transfer, lift pass, accommodation and food.  Enjoy a private chalet and private chef in the heart of Tignes Le Lac.  See details below.

Courses delivered by RENELLE MORTIMER, BASI Snowboard Instructor Trainer/Examiner & Evaluator since 2006 + BASI Adaptive Snowboard Trainer with 23 years teaching experience. Based in Tignes, France during the European winter, Renelle frequently travels worldwide coaching & examining Instructors. Known for creating rapid transformation with her unique holistic approach, accurate in-depth technical knowledge and detailed, clear delivery skills, Renelle is a unique Elite Snowboard Coach.

“Everyone was born to be extraordinary”

Renelle Mortimer


Travel package

For the 5 day course option, I’ve teamed up with Peak Feeling Ski in Tignes to create an affordable travel package to take away the hassle.  Stay in a spacious private chalet with private chef in the heart of Tignes Le Lac and enjoy stunning lake views.  Package includes:

7 nights accommodation with evening meal & breakfast

Airport Transfer from Geneva Airport (set Times)

5 day Tignes lift pass

Prices start from €608 for accommodation/food; €260 5 day lift pass; €92 return transfer. Contact me if you wish to book.



5 day course


transform your riding

TECH+TEACH: 15 hours / 5 days

£ 265

3 day course


transform your TEACHING

TECH ON-SNOW: 15 hours / 3 days

£ 235

3 day course


transform your TEACHING

TEACH ON-SNOW: 15 hours / 3 days

£ 235


optional extra: 

1:1 Privates on-snow

2 x 1:1 2hr Transformational ON-SNOW Private Personal Performance Coaching Sessions for precise, detailed modifications to rapidly re-shape your riding. Sessions can be in the UK or in France.

1 x 1:1 1hr Private Calls, receive personal guidance and direction from Renelle throughout the ON-SNOW Performance Course or BASI Exam. You decide when you need advice to best support your development.


£ 360


What people say?

Renelle is probably one of the most amazing instructors I have every met! She is passionate, driven and joyful all in one. She has made me feel confident not only as an adaptive instructor (second discipline) but as a rider overall. The techniques and methods she uses will be stuck in my mind for as long as I teach. She is the main reason why I am switching back over to BASI to be the best Instructor I can be.
Max Alcock
Basi level 3 aspirant
I took a BASI course with Renelle in 2018 and found her teaching style and character to be utterly inspiring. I was was lucky enough to train with her in 2019 for Level 3 prep. Her passion for teaching is so unique and her ability to sense out and refine movements within my snowboarding is incredible. She has a truly special eye for snowboarding and delivers her lesson with constructive feedback, non stop fun and elevated energy.
Niamph Florence
basi level 3 aspirant

Want personal performance coaching?


I believe coaching should ooze passion, be inspiring, emanate professionalism and empower each student to teach themselves.  I go the extra mile, providing clear, detailed, accurate information and I’m never afraid to be totally honest.  I do whatever it takes to hold a space for your to break through.  I sincerely want you to succeed, not only in your riding & teaching, but in your business and everyday life to. Deep to my core I’m dedicated to uphold the quality of our profession and elevate it beyond where it’s ever been before.  My passions are riding & snowboard teaching, human behaviour, health and biomechanics.  I want to share my knowledge, expertise & wisdom to pass on everything snowboarding has taught me, not only on the mountain but off hill too.  Let me help you ‘win at life’ and/or become an Elite Snowboard Coach. 


Lv3 Professional Development Courses


TECH Masterclass

Benefit from my ‘learn before you turn’ approach to maximise valuable riding time on snow. Prepare yourself ONLINE  by learning the foundational ‘essentials’  including Technical Theory, Teaching Principals; and personal ‘tools’ for Performance Analysis & Rider Development.  Less chat on snow, more riding.  It’s a no brainer!

ONLINE – 7hrs over 3 sessions

2023 DATES:  (2 courses)

– 02/01 5:30-7:30pm, 04/01 5.30-7.30pm, 06/01 5:30-8:30pm;

– 07/03 5:30-7:30pm, 09/03 5.30-7.30pm, 11/03 3-6pm.


Course fee: £135 


TEACH Masterclass

Benefit from my ‘learn before you turn’ approach to maximise valuable riding time on snow. Prepare yourself ONLINE  by learning the foundational ‘essentials’  including Technical Theory, Teaching Principals; and personal ‘tools’ for Performance Analysis & Rider Development.  Less chat on snow, more riding.  It’s a no brainer!

ONLINE – 7hrs over 3 sessions

2023 DATES:  (2 courses)

– 09/01 5:30-7:30pm, 11/01 5.30-7.30pm, 13/01 5:30-8:30pm;

– 20/02 5:30-7:30pm, 23/02 5.30-7.30pm, 25/02 3-6pm.


Course fee: £135 

online + on-snow

Lv3 Personal Performance Course

UK Blended

TECH and/or TEACH Masterclass

This course is a blend of personal performance on-snow and professional development online. Join me On-snow 3hr (practical) at The Snow Center, Hemel Hempstead + Online 3hr (theory) Lv3 TECH rider performance analysis, biomechanics & movement pattern course and/or TEACH delivery and rider development course. You’ll improve your technical and teach theory knowledge plus elevate your riding level and teach delivery.  Gain valuable ON-SNOW practical experience analysing and teaching your BASI level 3 peers under my watchful eye.  Receive targeted coaching to refine movement patterns, results you’ll feel on the mountain across all strands Beyond the Central Theme. 

TECH COURSE: ONLINE – 16 Oct 2022 (11-2pm); ON-SNOW 22 Oct 2022 (8-11AM)

TEACH COURSE: ONLINE – 15 Oct 2022 (10-1am); ON-SNOW 19 Oct 2022 (5-8pm)

Course fee: £140

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Want to go private

Private Bespoke On demand sessions are also available to support your learning.