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Ride All Year Round!  Just because you’re in the UK or it’s the off season, doesn’t mean you have to stop riding or improving your skills.   

The UK indoor real snow domes are excellent training facilities. Whether you’re considering becoming an instructor, already an instructor, want to develop your riding, improve your skill level, refresh old skills or ride with like-minded people, then this is for you.

UK indoor sessions are for single riders looking for 1:1 coaching or groups at similar levels. Please contact me for group pricing.

Every minute is customised for you!

2022 Calendar


The Snow Center, Hemel Hempstead, UK.


16th October, 2022

22nd October, 2022

23rd October, 2022


please get in touch to arrange mutually suitable times by clicking the button below, once you have confirmation, then you can pay via the link on the bottom of this page.

For every BODY!


What you'll learn

∞ master your switch riding;

∞ develop your steering to achieve grip in tighter turns for more speed control on steeper slopes or varied snow;

∞ learn basic carves and/or euro carves

∞ advance to faster performance carving (bending board);

∞ learn, improve and elevate your freestyle;

∞ anchor quality precise movement patterns to remedy stubborn bad habits;

∞ work on accurate biomechanics (posture/balance) and discover your personal stacking profile for your body shape to reduce injury and riding fatigue for long term longevity;

∞ tackle varied snow conditions for versatility;

∞ master the art of turning (skid, grip, carve), discover all the different turn types, shapes, sizes, speeds and performance levels which are the foundational blueprint skills for successful all mountain riding and navigation; plus

elevate confidence to prepare yourself for your next trip.


Imagine feeling 100% certain that you’re ready for your next level Instructor course or holiday, to confidently book knowing that you ride with precision, accuracy and style.










What you'll get

Tailor made, targeted sessions designed around your personal performance level and development requirements. Receive precise technique re-modelling, accurate personal riding analysis, detailed individual feedback and take home action plan so you can continue to improve your riding even after the sessions.

Lesson duration is tailored to meet your needs, either 2, 3 or 4 hours per session.  

I offer private on-snow coaching sessions either as 1:1 or a small group at Hemel Hempstead, UK plus long term coaching for riders, instructors & athletes via online & on-snow coaching.

Online sessions are available pre on-snow riding to familiarise you with the technical concepts. You can educate yourself at home by covering some of the theory to efficiently time manage on-snow.

Every session is a unique and memorable experience for both student and myself. 


ride with me 

You'll be in safe hands

To say that I’m passionate about snowboarding is an understatement.  I live, breathe, sleep snowboard instruction year round.  I am a current BASI Snowboard Instructor Trainer/Examiner + Adaptive Snowboard Instructor Trainer/Examiner, a National Level Coach awarded to the UK’s highest level coaches after invitation and rigorous selection process. I’m the only female in these roles who examines other Instructors learning to teach.  

I’m also on the BASI Snowboard Product Development team (1of3 people) re-writing the book on GB’s top level technical Snowboard Instructor courses, I’m also a current GB Snowboard demonstration Team member (1of2 people) and sole GB representative for Adaptive snowboard. 

In addition to my professional specialist snowboard instructor coaching expertise, I utilise my empathic gift and intuitive skills to connect to you in a unique way so your individuality is understood.  Therefore we can rapidly move forward in ease and grace with minimal pain or frustration and maximum transformation. 



Prefer to be prepared in advance? Having prior knowledge promotes riding sessions with more impact.  If you’re the type of learner who enjoys a deeper understanding of THEORY before giving it a go on snow, this is for you! Delivered online, now you can learn in a relaxed open environment from the comfort of your own home.


Coaching delivered by RENELLE MORTIMER, BASI Snowboard Instructor Trainer/Examiner & Evaluator since 2006 + BASI Adaptive Snowboard Trainer with 23 years teaching experience. Based in Tignes, France during the European winter, Renelle frequently travels worldwide coaching & examining Instructors. Known for creating rapid transformation with her unique holistic approach, accurate in-depth technical knowledge and detailed, clear delivery skills, Renelle is a unique Elite Snowboard Coach.

“Everyone was born to be extraordinary”

Renelle Mortimer



2hr private session


£ 140

3hr private session


£ 210

4hr private session


£ 280


What people say?

Renelle is probably one of the most amazing instructors I have every met! She is passionate, driven and joyful all in one. She has made me feel confident not only as an adaptive instructor (second discipline) but as a rider overall. The techniques and methods she uses will be stuck in my mind for as long as I teach. She is the main reason why I am switching back over to BASI to be the best Instructor I can be.
Max Alcock
I took a BASI course with Renelle in 2018 and found her teaching style and character to be utterly inspiring. I was was lucky enough to train with her in 2019 for Level 3 prep. Her passion for teaching is so unique and her ability to sense out and refine movements within my snowboarding is incredible. She has a truly special eye for snowboarding and delivers her lesson with constructive feedback, non stop fun and elevated energy.
Niamph Florence

Want personal development coaching?


I believe coaching should ooze passion, be inspiring, emanate professionalism and empower each student to teach themselves.  I go the extra mile, providing clear, detailed, accurate information and I’m never afraid to be totally honest.  I do whatever it takes to hold a space for your to break through.  I sincerely want you to succeed, not only in your riding & teaching, but in your business and everyday life to. Deep to my core I’m dedicated to uphold the quality of our profession and elevate it beyond where it’s ever been before.  My passions are riding & snowboard teaching, human behaviour, health and biomechanics.  I want to share my knowledge, expertise & wisdom to pass on everything snowboarding has taught me, not only on the mountain but off hill too.  Let me help you ‘win at life’ and/or become an Elite Snowboard Coach. 

The more you are motivated by LOVE, the more fearless and free your actions will be.”

        dalai lama

Want to go further?

Join my Mentorship program for year round motivation, health and personal development driven by the love of snowboarding.  Live in the light.